Bloomington Living Hope Lutheran Church Shakopee, Minnesota

Campaign Purpose

The community of Bloomington Living Hope Church supported their Build More, Do More, Serve More campaign by exceeding their campaign goal. The funds are for their plan to build a sanctuary at Living Hope and repair and renovate the bell tower and HVAC at Bloomington without taking on any debt.


“Our campaign was a difficult one. We are a multi-site ministry and the campaign had to embrace two locations, both with different cultures. We had no drawn plans of our building project. Our goal was to raise funds first, see what was raised, and then plan to build with what we raised incurring no long term debt. In spite of these challenges, our consultant helped keep our vision clear and we attained the goal determined by the feasibility study that Walsh conducted….Walsh did an excellent professional job in leading us in our campaign. As a pastor, I knew everything was under control and our director from Walsh was always available to consult with me.”
– Rev. Scott Spaulding, Pastor

Campaign Statistics

Recommended Goal

Amount Raised

Times Annual Giving