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Walsh & Associates, Church Capital Campaign Specialists, only works with churches and only does church capital campaigns. We’re committed to great stewardship, to bringing out the best in those we serve and to leaving the churches we work with stronger – financially, spiritually and socially – as communities of Christ.

Church Capital Campaign Services

For over 30 years we’ve been helping churches prepare for and implement highly successful capital campaigns. That’s all we do, which is one of the reasons we’re really good at it!


We consistently bring all of the attributes, operating methods and motives that churches need and are guaranteed to get the best results possible in their capital campaigns.


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“Walsh & Associates placed the proper perspective on the giving process, that it is about the people and relationships, not so much on the dollar amount. Our interactions with people were successful when we listened to their thoughts, needs and desires, putting aside the ultimate pledge amount. The campaign certainly maximized the giving of our members. The model of asking for gifts in certain ranges made our congregation properly stretch the gifts God has already given us . Those ranges were great conversation starters for each household, helping them decide on a truly sacrificial gift.”

Mark & Amy Wilson, Advance Gifts Chairs, Epiphany Lutheran Church, Elmhurst, IL

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“The final report and follow-up recommendations were great. Wow! Our campaign director was excellent in every aspect, absolutely motivating… Initially the campaign seemed impossible. Midway there was increased interest. In the end it was absolutely amazing!”

Dale Esperante, Communications Chair, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Sacramento, CA

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“A scientific method, coupled with an artful approach, led by a dedicated individual, who was able to maintain a professional enthusiasm throughout this campaign of nine to ten months, is how I describe this very effective method of fundraising. The amount of funds raised from our very small number of registered parishioners is truly amazing. Thank-you for the leadership provided. I do not believe we would have been nearly as successful without you!”

Stephen J. Boss, Community Gifts Co-Chair, Regina Caeli Catholic Church, Houston, TX

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“I give Walsh & Associates my highest recommendation. You did everything you said you would and even more! Walsh & Associates fundraising model works. If I am ever in another pastoral assignment that requires a capital campaign I assure you I will make only one call and that is to Walsh & Associates. Your company has earned my trust, respect, my appreciation and all of my future business!”

Father Mike Ingram, St. Teresa of Avila, Grovetown, GA

“Before embarking on this campaign, I would say 90% of the parishioners I spoke with did not believe it would be possible to make our goal given the advanced age of the parish population and the large influx of immigrants over the years. Your system has proven that if you follow the system that has worked hundreds of times at other churches around the country and if you have a little faith, miracles can happen.”

Stephen Day, Creative Giving Chair, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Indianapolis, IN

“Our campaign director was an exceptionally skilled leader for this campaign. He was motivating and generous with his support. I was highly impressed with the process, leadership, knowledge base, and experience provided by the services of Walsh. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about other church members and work in teams. Your services were professionalism personified.”

Carol Michalicek, Communications Co-Chair, Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church

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“Walsh & Associates recently assisted our church in raising the necessary funding to repair and renovate our historic sanctuary in downtown Napa. I want to share with you how pleased I am with the process and the results. From the very beginning to the end of the process, our church found the staff from Walsh to be so very professional and knowledgeable about the unique task of conducting a capital fundraising campaign. I could comment on the various aspects of the process, but the bottom line was the results! Walsh & Associates delivered on what they promised!”

Rev. David Stoker, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Napa, CA

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“I believe we made the best choice in choosing Walsh & Associates. I feel that Walsh lived up to all of the commitments it made in the beginning. Our consultant did an excellent job of motivating people when things would stall out or bog down for various reasons. He also did a very good job of bringing the English and Hispanic speaking parishioners together. I think I have seen more unity between these groups on this project than any other since joining the parish. It strengthened our bond as one community.”

Glynn Trahan, Advanced Gifts Chair, St. Matthias the Apostle Church, Magnolia, TX

“Making All Things New”, which was the first critical fundraising drive we have had in several years. Walsh led our designated campaign team in devising, mapping and executing a comprehensive multi-term strategic campaign to attain desired campaign financial benchmarks and increased parishioner participation. As a result of this effective joint, hands-on effort, the campaign proved successful in reaching targeted fundraising goals and other campaign initiatives.”

Robb Vecchio, Creative Giving Co-Chair, Cathedral of the Incarnation, Nashville, TN

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“For the past two years, St Peter’s Catholic Church has been anticipating a capital campaign for the renovation needs of our current 100-year-old church. After interviewing several companies, we decided on Walsh & Associates. Utilizing your feasibility study, it was determined that our parish could raise $2 million in pledges over three years. We decided to add an additional $1 million challenge goal for additional renovations at our high school. My announcement to the parish on “Celebration Weekend” informing our parishioners that we had secured pledges of over $2 million met with applause at every weekend Mass! To date our pledges are over $2.5 million!”

Rev. Gregory Hite, Pastor, St. Peter’s Catholic Church & School, Mansfield, OH

“Stewardship is paramount to the success of a major capital campaign, and Walsh’s approach touched on every single stewardship pillar! Under your guidance, we were able to build ownership and excitement into our parishioners, from the youngest to the oldest and almost everyone in between. It was a pleasure to watch the transformation from skeptic to supporter in many cases, and I was so excited to announce that we were able to raise more than our challenge goal! This would not have been possible without our consultant’s guidance and skill in keeping us focused. I would not hesitate to contract your services in the future, and strongly recommend Walsh for any parish preparing to launch a capital campaign.”

Gail Nampel, Advanced Gifts Co-Chair, St. Katharine Drexel Church, Beaver Dam, WI

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“Our consultant told us we would not only raise the funds, but our community would grow closer together. Many of us were skeptical, but we were wrong. From the initial cabinet meeting it became obvious that the cabinet members didn’t all know each other but wanted to meet. Laughter, joy, and enthusiasm were shared from the first moments of the campaign. As the weeks moved on, this scenario repeated itself over and over. We are a better parish for this venture… Walsh & Associates guided us through our very successful capital campaign. Without your firm, we would not likely have made our goal, let alone exceeded it by 45%.”

Rev. William Holtzinger, St. Anne Catholic Church, Grants Pass, OR

“Walsh’s services were excellent and our campaign was well planned. Our consultant is a special spirit who is a great motivator.”

Mike Wiederstein, Prayer Committee, Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, Tulsa, OK

“We have been very pleased with the results of our campaign. We are now just over our goal of $2 million in pledges, and we believe we will meet our challenge goal, allowing us to build both phases of our Christian Life Center. Our director has provided the leadership, organization, materials and drive that has gotten us to this point in such a short time. We could not have done it without your template for success, our director’s hard work and skill and God’s blessing. I especially appreciate the emphasis on the power of prayer to lead the way. Doubters of our ability to raise the funds have become full supporters now. I would certainly recommend your team to other churches planning a capital campaign.”

Bruce Carlson, Community Gifts Chair, Elder for Expansion, Community Presbyterian Church, Celebration, FL

“Walsh has been fantastic and a pleasure to work with!”

Doug Eisenhart, Community Gifts Co-Chair, Wellesley Hills Congregational Church, Wellesley Hills, MA

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“I am proud of the results of the campaign. Not only did we reach the goal set by the feasibility study, but I believe we strengthened our congregational spiritual life and the ties that bind. I think that overall support for the work ahead has been raised as we walked through the campaign process. I would recommend others give Walsh & Associates highest consideration for their church fundraising needs.”

Pastor Christopher Ingram, Yates Baptist Church, Durham, NC

Do You Need to Hire Help?

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Why Walsh?

Our operating philosophy is based on the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30).
This implores us to make the most of the gifts and opportunities God has entrusted to us, to be and do our best in all that we’ve been tasked, especially all that we do in God’s name.

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