Regina Caeli Parish Houston, Texas

Campaign Purpose

The generous members of Regina Caeli Parish raised over 5.5 times the church’s annual giving for the Introibit Rex Gloriae/The King of Glory Shall Enter In campaign. The funds raised are planned to build the Blessed Solanus Casey Gatehouse to house a rectory, office, meeting space, and classroom facility.


“A scientific method, coupled with an artful approach, led by a dedicated individual, who was able to maintain a professional enthusiasm throughout this campaign of nine to ten months, is how I describe this very effective method of fundraising. The amount of funds raised from our very small number of registered parishioners is truly amazing. Thank-you for the leadership provided. I do not believe we would have been nearly as successful without you!”
– Stephen J. Boss, Community Gifts Co-Chair

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Goal

Amount Raised

Times Annual Giving