Church Capital Campaigns

South West Region

These Catholic and Protestant church capital campaigns in the South West Region of the US were led by Walsh & Associates. Our mission is to be great stewards, to live up to the Parable of the Talents and bring out the best in those we serve. We just work with churches and only do capital campaigns. Campaigns grounded in prayer, scripture, and sound stewardship teachings. We combine this with our practical, proven-to-be-most-productive operating methods. This assures you of getting the best results and best return on your capital campaign investment financially. Your church also will grow spiritually and in community. And, it will be more equipped and excited than ever about doing God’s will through the works of your church.

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Client Testimonials

“Walsh & Associates has been very organized and efficient in its work and has impacted the community in so many positive ways. It is fired up when it comes to stewardship and hopefully these effects are long lasting and transfer on to any new parishioners in the future. We totally enjoyed our participation and feel as though we’ve made a contribution no matter how small. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to any other parish in the future.”

Mauro & Malou, Communications Chairs, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Sugar Land, Texas
St. Thomas Aquinas Cares campaign

“I am happy to report that our campaign has been a huge success. I took over a parish in great need of restoration and renewal. This campaign turned out to be just the victory and catalyst our parish needed. Our consultant told us that in the secular world, people are used to accomplishing tasks. But as a church, we turn that around and use tasks to build people up. I am happy to say that this is exactly what happened. We are now positioned to cooperate with God in writing a whole new chapter in our parish’s history thanks to our successful campaign led by Walsh & Associates. ”

Father Charles Klamut, Pastor, Mansfield Church of Christ, Mansfield, Texas
Our Faith Our Future – Taking the Next Step

“Walsh’s services were excellent, and our campaign was well planned. Our consultant is a special spirit who is a great motivator.”

Mike Wiederstein, Prayer Committee, Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma
For Generations to Come campaign

“As our campaign drew to a close, a long-time member said to me, “I have done six of these. I would absolutely use Walsh again. The results speak for themselves.” Wesley UMC is proud to recommend Walsh to other churches. Thank you for your faithful and professional guidance on our debt reduction campaign. After successive campaigns our leadership team discerned, we needed a different approach for our debt reduction campaign. We were unwilling to endure another “publicity and turn in your card” campaign. Walsh’s emphasis on personal relationships was just what we needed. Not only did we pass our minimum goal and the challenge goal, but we also connected members to one another and enhanced the fellowship of our church body. 

Rev. Chris Yost, Pastor, Wesley United Methodist Church, Greenville, Texas
Onward – Accelerating Paying Down Our Debt campaign