Church Expansion Capital Campaigns

When it’s time to grow your church’s reach, it’s time to consider a church expansion strategy. A carefully planned capital campaign can give you the funds to make it a reality.

Walsh & Associates has been working exclusively with churches for 30 years. We’ve led hundreds of successful church expansion capital campaigns. First we carefully assess your expansion plans. Second, we conduct a thorough Fundraising Feasibility & Planning Study to develop your church expansion strategy. Then you are ready for a comprehensive capital campaign. We help at every step of the way, putting you in the best possible position to exceed your expansion goals. Here are our church expansion campaign success stories from churches across the United States.

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Our Expansion Campaign Success Stories

Client Testimonials

“Our campaign was very successful, and we met our goal. The materials and methodology supplied by Walsh & Associates were extremely well developed and were instrumental in enabling us to have such a successful outcome. The result has been that we now have a well-built, furnished, and beautiful elementary school being paid for by generous pledges from our congregation. Having the expertise and experience of Walsh & Associates enabled us to be so successful. We couldn’t have achieved this result without their input, professionalism, and guidance.” 

Nancy Pinaud, Community Gifts Co-Chair, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Warner Robins, Georgia
Forward in Faith campaign

“Our director led us through this process and provided us with the tools we needed to help build not only the funds needed, but also a sense of community at St. Lucy’s. We understand this is a three-year commitment, but our consultant gave the committee members the confidence and structure needed to continue encouraging our parishioners to continue with their commitment. God bless your company for helping churches open doors for more believers to worship and honor our Heavenly Father.” 

Linda Turpin, Community Gifts Chair, St. Lucy Catholic church, Fowler, California
Together in Faith, Expansion Campaign/ Juntos en la Fe, Campaña de Ampliación campaign

“We would not have been successful to the degree we were without using Walsh. Our consultant was doing more than just a job when working with us. He obviously has a passion for helping with these projects, and he consistently showed that he cared about our church, and not just the capital campaign. The structured/scripted approach was effective and most likely contributed significantly to our success. The campaign also had a significant effect on our congregation in regard to making people more aware of the needs of the facility, but also in renewing or creating new relationships among members, and perhaps rekindling some relationships with the church that had become stale. I believe there was clearly spiritual growth in our members because of this campaign and the manner in which it was conducted.”

Mark Kruse, Elder & Community Gifts Co-Chair, Campus Lutheran Church, Columbia, Missouri
Our Campus for Christ campaign

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