St. Paul’s Lutheran Ministries

Campaign Purpose

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School traces its roots back 155 years. Their exceptional school is very well-known and respected in the community. However, their schools building was old and out-dated in many ways. It also needed to be expanded to accommodate a much needed preschool program.

With Walsh & Associates, St. Paul’s made plans to build a new gym and commons area. They would also repurpose, remodel, and update their existing school spaces to better meet their needs. They embarked on their Pride In Our Past, Faith In Our Future capital campaign to improve their school facility. The community showed tremendous support and they raised 3.14 times their annual offering!

Church Capital Campaign Check


“Walsh & Associates assisted us with a campaign to expand and improve our school facilities. Walsh was a key piece to our success in this project. It was stated many times that we would not have known what to do without you! The knowledge, professionalism, and materials that were offered to us by Walsh & Assoc. was above and beyond what we could have expected.”
– Aaron Markgraf, Principal

“I think Walsh & Associates was a perfect fit for our group of people. Our consultant’s experience and professionalism, mixed with some humor, was well suited for our group. We’ve never done this before, and I’m so glad we did. I was a little unsure at first, but now I’m convinced that without Walsh we would not have gotten very far.”
-Scott Uecker, Community Gifts Chair

“It was a pleasure to work with Walsh and our consultant. I think under other circumstances we could have raised more capital, but without the help of Walsh we would have known devastating failure.”
– Rick Mysenburg, Advanced Gifts Chair

Campaign Statistics

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Amount Raised
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Helping Churches Reach New Heights in their Capital Campaigns

Our mission is to be great stewards, to live up to the Parable of Talents and to bring out the best in those we serve. Our consistent and proven-to-be-successful approach to directing church capital campaigns helps assure this. We just work with churches, only do capital campaigns and ground them in prayer, scripture and sound stewardship teachings. Then we combine this with practical, proven-to-be-most-productive operating methods. This not only assures you of getting the best results and best return on your capital campaign investment financially, but also, that your church will grow spiritually and in community and will be more equipped and excited than ever about doing God’s will through the works of your church.

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