Church Debt Reduction Capital Campaign

Reducing or eliminating debt is critical to a church’s ability to fully serve its mission. A carefully planned church debt reduction capital campaign can free up funds for other important ministries.

Walsh & Associates has been working exclusively with churches for 30 years. We’ve led hundreds of successful church capital campaigns to reduce debt. We help at every step of the campaign, putting you in the best possible position to exceed your goals. Here are our debt-reduction campaign success stories from churches across the United States.

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Our Debt Campaign Success Stories

St. Mary's Parish

Bismarck, North Dakota
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St. Joseph Catholic Church

Colorado Springs, North Dakota
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Church of St. Timothy

Maple Lake, Minnesota
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St. Joseph Parish

Big Bend, Wisconsin
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Church of Saint Mark

St. Paul, Minnesota
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Client Testimonials

“Walsh & Associates has led two fundraising campaigns for Saint Paul Parish. The first resulted in our parish receiving pledges that exceeded our goal by 116%. Our second campaign is currently at 106% of our goal. Our most recent campaign was perhaps more difficult than our original campaign to build a religious education center because it was conducted to reduce our debt. Debt reduction is not a flashy cause and requires that each parish member understands the importance of the goal and each parishioner is given an opportunity to participate in the campaign.”

Leonard Heimericks, Communtiy Gifts Co-Chair, St. Paul Catholic Church, Sacramento, California
Our Dream Continues in Service to All campaign

“We were struggling with a hangover debt of $850,000 from a much needed $2,000,000 addition built in the year 2000.  We had run a couple of debt reduction campaigns internally with limited success.  We concluded we needed professional help to deal with these financial issues.  Based on your numerous positive results from other churches’ campaigns and personal interviews, Walsh & Associates was retained to assist in our project.  The entire process was really one of education, focus and guided involvement of the membership.  We raised $1.3 Million in pledges and came in under budget with a net cost of $0.05 per dollar raised!  A huge side benefit from using Walsh has been the increased sense of cohesiveness in our worship and ministry.  An excitement about our future is evident.  I strongly recommend your services and thank you for your help in our campaign! “


Michael J. Fillmore, Campaign Co-Chair, First Lutheran Church, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Christ First – Growing God’s Vision campaign

“As our campaign drew to a close, a long-time member said to me, “I have done six of these. I would absolutely use Walsh again. The results speak for themselves.” Wesley UMC is proud to recommend Walsh to other churches. Thank you for your faithful and professional guidance on our debt reduction campaign. After successive campaigns our leadership team discerned, we needed a different approach for our debt reduction campaign. We were unwilling to endure another “publicity and turn in your card” campaign. Walsh’s emphasis on personal relationships was just what we needed. Not only did we pass our minimum goal and the challenge goal, but we also connected members to one another and enhanced the fellowship of our church body. 


Rev. Chris Yost, Pastor, Wesley United Methodist Church, Greenville, Texas

Onward – Accelerating Paying Down Our Debt campaign

What is a debt reduction campaign for churches?

A church debt reduction campaign allows churches to focus fundraising efforts on eliminating debt from the ministry budget.

While it’s not the most exciting campaign, an experienced church capital campaign consultant can help you make the most of your fundraising efforts.


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