First Lutheran Church Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Campaign Purpose

First Lutheran Church members generously supported their ChristFirst – Growing God’s Vision campaign. They exceeded their goal to raise the funds required to reduce or retire their mortgage, make repairs and improvements to their sanctuary, and enhance their ministries.


“Just yesterday, members of the campaign team were being interviewed by a local reporter for the local paper and it was “fun” to hear all of the positives mentioned that occurred through the leadership of the entire Walsh Team. For example, I heard: -Great Format “template” for the church to follow and use – The professionalism of the materials used and presented. – The open Dialogue and willingness to “customize” after hearing from the campaign team. – A “wow” that First Lutheran actually hit it’s challenge goal. When we chose Walsh & Associates, it was an intentional decision that we wanted someone to make this campaign a very public campaign and not a “soft sell” like we had over the past 12 years. We were not disappointed in any way.”
– Pastor Dave Peterson

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Goal

Amount Raised

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