Church Maintenance Capital Campaign

Church facility maintenance costs are expensive. A carefully planned church  maintenance capital campaign can give you the funds to repair and update your church infrastructure. Things like new roofs, energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, repaving parking lots, and updated fire suppression systems are vital to keeping your church facilities running safely and properly.

Walsh & Associates has been working exclusively with churches for 30 years. We’ve led hundreds of successful church capital campaigns. We help at every step of the campaign, putting you in the best possible position to exceed your goals. Here are our church capital campaign success stories from churches across the United States.

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Our Maintenance Campaign Success Stories

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Colorado Springs, North Dakota
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Church of St. Timothy

Maple Lake, Minnesota
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St. Joseph Parish

Big Bend, Wisconsin
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Client Testimonials

“I want to commend the way that Walsh & Associates was able to work with First Presbyterian Church over the last year as we both assessed the need for a capital campaign and then raised the challenge goal of almost $1.2 million. We knew from the beginning that raising funds to support the modernization of a 40-year-old building would be a major challenge. Raising funds for a boiler and air handling unit is not appealing, but Walsh and your consultant provided the support needed for this campaign, and now we are in the process of collecting pledges. Our consultant was available to us any time we needed him, helped us with some of the major gifts, and managed all of the background work that made the campaign a major success.”

Ken Fisher, Advanced Gifts Co-Chair, First Presbyterian Church, Iowa City, Iowa
Building God’s Future campaign

“Our campaign met the goal to support our church renovation. We are very happy with the overall program and leadership we received. While the program kept us very busy, the process was comfortable and helped us renew and build upon many relationships as we made contact with all church members. We believe this process actually helped restore some of the ties that have defined our church for years. It was a positive experience.”

Mike & Lois English, Advanced Giving Co-Chairs, Yates Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina
Growing God’s House campaign

“The materials, training, and guidance that Walsh & Associates provided throughout this process was invaluable and directly related to the outstanding results that were accomplished with God’s blessing. I would happily recommend Walsh & Associates to any other churches who are considering a capital campaign.”

Fr. Scott Jablonski, Pastor, Blessed Trinity Parish, Dane & Lodi, Wisconsin
United Together in Faith: Rejoice and Renew campaign

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