Edgebrook Lutheran Church

Campaign Purpose

Let us rise-up to meet every need, to overcome every obstacle and to passionately pursue every opportunity available to better our church. This is the very essence of what God asks and commands of us as stewards of God’s church.

Edgebrook Lutheran shares the gospel by engaging with their community and welcoming all people. Yet they still faced some challenges posed by their facilities. With our support, the church membership undertook their Enhancing Edgebrook capital campaign. This effort would address their need to make their facilities more safe and secure, repair their floor, parking lot and exterior brickwork, upgrade their A/V and Wi-Fi, and increase their missions and ministry funding. The community rose up to meet the need, surpassing their challenge goal. This generous response will enable them to complete 100% of their enhancement plans and support increased mission and ministry funding.

Church Capital Campaign Check


“Without the services of Walsh & Associates it would have been much more difficult to have done this campaign. Being able to get professionally prepared materials when needed, having someone to keep us on schedule and always showing enthusiasm was great. I would not have been a co-chair without the services provided as I do not have the expertise we needed. The campaign was a success! Our members came through and were the reason for this. It would not have occurred without Walsh.”
– Neal Christiansen, Co-Chair

“The feasibility study was very helpful, it gave the council information to move forward. The Walsh plan had a good timeline (long enough but not too long). Materials informed people what the funds would be used for and challenged members to give in response.”
– Barbara Stadie, Prayer Chairperson

Campaign Statistics

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Helping Churches Reach New Heights in their Capital Campaigns

Our mission is to be great stewards, to live up to the Parable of Talents and to bring out the best in those we serve. Our consistent and proven-to-be-successful approach to directing church capital campaigns helps assure this. We just work with churches, only do capital campaigns and ground them in prayer, scripture and sound stewardship teachings. Then we combine this with practical, proven-to-be-most-productive operating methods. This not only assures you of getting the best results and best return on your capital campaign investment financially, but also, that your church will grow spiritually and in community and will be more equipped and excited than ever about doing God’s will through the works of your church.

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