Church Building Capital Campaign

You know when its time to expand your facilities or build a new church to better serve your mission. A carefully planned church expansion or building capital campaign can give you the funds to make it a reality.

Walsh & Associates has been working exclusively with churches for 30 years. We’ve led hundreds of successful church building campaigns. First we carefully assess your building plans. Second, we conduct a thorough Fundraising Feasibility & Planning Study. Then you are ready for a comprehensive capital campaign. We help at every step of the campaign, putting you in the best possible position to exceed your new building goals. Here are our new church building campaign success stories from churches across the United States.

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Our Building Campaign Success Stories

Client Testimonials

“We have been very pleased with the results of our campaign. We are now just over our goal of $2 million in pledges, and we believe we will meet our challenge goal, allowing us to build both phases of our Christian Life Center. Our director has provided the leadership, organization, materials, and drive that has gotten us to this point in such a short time. We could not have done it without your template for success, our director’s hard work and skill, and God’s blessing. I especially appreciate the emphasis on the power of prayer to lead the way. Doubters of our ability to raise the funds have become full supporters now. I would certainly recommend your team to other churches planning a capital campaign.”

Bruce Carlson, Community Gifts Chair, Elder for Expansion, Community Presbyterian Church, Celebration, Florida
Expanding His Reach – Building on the Cornerstone campaign,

“Walsh & Associates has conducted a very successful capital campaign for the construction of our new church. We have never been involved in this type of endeavor, and the initial thought was a bit overwhelming. We have been parishioners since 1978 and cannot even remember the number of times we have tried to move forward with the construction of a new church to no avail. The commitment was always there, but the “how” to make it happen was beyond our expertise. Our consultant guided us through every part of the capital campaign process, laying out the guidelines and helping us to keep on track to achieve our goals. This has been a very positive experience for the St. Anne community and for us personally”

Dave & Terri Currie, Prayer Committee Chairs, St. Anne Catholic Church, Grants Pass, Oregon
Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future campaign

“Our campaign was a difficult one. We are a multi-site ministry and the campaign had to embrace two locations, both with different cultures. We had no drawn plans of our building project. Our goal was to raise funds first, see what was raised, and then plan to build with what we raised incurring no long-term debt. In spite of these challenges, our consultant helped keep our vision clear and we attained the goal determined by the feasibility study that Walsh conducted…. Walsh did an excellent professional job in leading us in our campaign. As a pastor, I knew everything was under control and our director from Walsh was always available to consult with me.”

Rev. Scott Spaulding, Pastor, Bloomington Living Hope Lutheran Church, Shakopee, Minnesota
Build More, Do More, Serve More campaign

How to Raise Money for Church Building

Raising money for a church building project is challenging, but the end result is so rewarding when you get to see your new place to worship.

The most effective way to raise money for a church building project is a capital campaign. This involves setting a fundraising goal, creating a compelling case statement, and increasing the donations you would normally receive from church members and the broader community. 


We’ll Manage Your Church Building Capital Campaign

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