St. Anne Catholic Church Grant's Pass, Oregon

Campaign Purpose

St. Anne Catholic Church in Grants Pass, OR considered building a new church for 20 years. In 2017 they decided to do so and their Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future Campaign, guided by Walsh & Associates, was enormously successful in helping them reach this goal. The church members enthusiastically supported the plan and found a new sense of community in their collective commitment to the future of St. Anne’s Church.


“Our consultant told us we would not only raise the funds, but our community would grow closer together. Many of us were skeptical, but we were wrong. From the initial cabinet meeting it became obvious that the cabinet members didn’t all know each other but wanted to meet. Laughter, joy, and enthusiasm were shared from the first moments of the campaign. As the weeks moved on, this scenario repeated itself over and over. We are a better parish for this venture… Walsh & Associates guided us through our very successful capital campaign. Without your firm, we would not likely have made our goal, let alone exceeded it by 45%.” - Rev. William Holtzinger

Campaign Statistics

$2,500,000 Campaign Goal

Amount Raised

6.69 Times Annual Giving

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