Wesley United Methodist Church Greenville, Texas

Campaign Purpose

Wesley United Methodist church undertook their Onward - Accelerating Paying Down Our Debt campaign to reduce their new building debt. An additional goal was to build out youth area restrooms that were never completed in the original building project. Members showed their support for the community and their plans by exceeding their goal to reduce their debt by almost 60% and build out the necessary youth area facilities.


“While we have made significant progress in reducing our debt over the years, we still have hundreds of thousands of dollars going to debt service each year... We want to address this need and would much rather have the generosity of our members be able to be directed to mission and ministry instead of continually servicing our debt with pledge payments from campaigns. ” - Campaign Case Statement

Campaign Statistics

$900,000 Campaign Goal

$1,344,425 Amount Raised

1.63 Times Annual Giving