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St. Patrick’s ministries were thriving—so much so that few members could be aware of all that went on within their facilities. Thousands of people passed through the doors of the church, school, Adult Faith Formation Center, and Parish Life Center each week.The church had undergone an expansion that provided them with the space they needed for parish ministries to flourish. However, it had come at a sizeable cost. The significant debt burden the congregation had incurred had become a barrier to continued growth and threatened their future sustainability.

Following close on the heels of earlier expansion and renovation of parish facilities, this newest expansion left St. Patrick owing the Diocese of Lansing over $10 million. Not wanting to let the debt impair their ministry, St. Patrick’s leadership and members endeavored to raise the funds needed to meet their monthly mortgage payments. Thanks to the generous, joyful giving of St. Patrick members to two successive capital campaigns, they were able, until recently, to use 100% of their regular offering income to fund their annual operating budget.

However, in using this approach, St. Patrick’s had only reduced their debt principal to just under $8.5 million. With interest continuing to accrue, an additional $2.5 million would be added to the principal over the life of the loans. That money could instead be used to fund programs and ministries. It also would eventually be needed to maintain and upgrade the church facilities as they age.

Walsh & Associates was brought in to direct St. Patrick’s Fulfilling Our Mission – Freedom for Our Future campaign. This effort was held in response to the church’s financial challenge to rid themselves of their debt for the two expansion and renovation projects. Parish members generously supported the plan and exceeded their goal. They raised enough funds to pay down a significant portion of their debt principal. They were able to shorten the term of their loans and reduce their total interest expense. All in support of creating a future in which they can spend their funds on ministry, programs, service, and facility maintenance.

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“Walsh & Associates provided excellent service and support. The materials were excellent. Our consultant’s explanation and direction were also excellent.”
– Chris Brandl, Communications Chair

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Our mission is to be great stewards, to live up to the Parable of Talents and to bring out the best in those we serve. Our consistent and proven-to-be-successful approach to directing church capital campaigns helps assure this. We just work with churches, only do capital campaigns and ground them in prayer, scripture and sound stewardship teachings. Then we combine this with practical, proven-to-be-most-productive operating methods. This not only assures you of getting the best results and best return on your capital campaign investment financially, but also, that your church will grow spiritually and in community and will be more equipped and excited than ever about doing God’s will through the works of your church.

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