Mansfield Church of Christ Mansfield, Texas

Campaign Purpose

Manfield Church of Christ’s Our Faith Our Future – Taking the Net Step debt reduction campaign was generously supported by their community. They exceeded their goal to raise funds to eliminate their debt and set up their church for a successful future of growth.


“I am happy to report that our campaign has been a huge success. In June 2014 I took over a parish in great need of restoration and renewal. This campaign turned out to be just the victory and catalyst our parish needed. Our consultant told us that in the secular world, people are used to accomplishing tasks. But as a church, we turn that around and use tasks to build people up. I am happy to say that this is exactly what happened. We are now positioned to cooperate with God in writing a whole new chapter in our parish’s history thanks to our successful campaign led by Walsh & Associates. ”
– Father Charles Klamut, Pastor

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Goal

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