United Church of Christ Church Capital Campaigns

Walsh & Associates, Church Capital Campaign Specialists began its work in faith-based stewardship almost forty years ago. Since 1991 we’ve focused solely on churches and providing capital campaign direction and pre-campaign feasibility and planning studies.

Our commitment is to help churches live up to their God-given potential. To get the best results and return on investment possible in Protestant church capital campaigns. We understand the deep faith and unique challenges of churches as they strive to better serve their members and communities.

Here are the many Protestant church capital campaigns we’ve led to success across the United States.

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Our United Church of Christ Campaign Success Stories

Client Testimonials

“Our Walsh consultant’s communication with us as a committee, as individuals, and with our church members was outstanding – timely, concise, and thorough. Walsh bolstered our confidence, eased our fears, and gave each of us the direction and help we needed. I would confidently recommend Walsh & Associates to other churches. Thanks so much for helping us!”

Elaine Wood, Prayer Committee Chair, First Congregational Church, Traverse City, Michigan

Forward by Faith campaign

“I am proud of the results of the campaign. Not only did we reach the goal set by the feasibility study, but I believe we strengthened our congregational spiritual life and the ties that bind. I think that overall support for the work ahead has been raised as we walked through the campaign process. I would recommend others give Walsh & Associates highest consideration for their church fundraising needs.”

Pastor Christopher Ingram, Yates Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina

Growing God’s House campaign

“I am happy to report that our campaign has been a huge success. I took over a parish in great need of restoration and renewal. This campaign turned out to be just the victory and catalyst our parish needed. Our consultant told us that in the secular world, people are used to accomplishing tasks. But as a church, we turn that around and use tasks to build people up. I am happy to say that this is exactly what happened. We are now positioned to cooperate with God in writing a whole new chapter in our parish’s history thanks to our successful campaign led by Walsh & Associates. ”

Father Charles Klamut, Pastor, Mansfield Church of Christ, Mansfield, Texas

Our Faith Our Future – Taking the Next Step campaign

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Our team has worked with hundreds of Protestant churches around the country, helping them reach and even exceed their fundraising goals with a capital campaign.

We have a small, capable, committed, and Christian staff who see their work as a calling not just a career, as an expression of their love for the Lord, and as an opportunity to do God’s will and work.

We base our capital campaign operating philosophy on the biblical Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14–30), which implores us to be and do our best, to make the most of the gifts that God has given us and to strive to live up to our potential in all we do, especially all we do in God’s name.

We have expertise working on capital campaigns for Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Wesleyan, and other denominations! Contact us at 952-882-9392 or 800-894-3863 to get started!