St. Matthias Catholic Church, Magnolia, TX

Campaign Purpose

The capital campaign, Together in Faith – Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future, undertaken by the members of St. Matthias with the help of Walsh & Associates, exceeded its goal. This intensive effort raised the funds required to construct a new and larger church.


“I believe we made the best choice in choosing Walsh & Associates. I feel that Walsh lived up to all of the commitments it made in the beginning. Our consultant did an excellent job of motivating people when things would stall out or bog down for various reasons. He also did a very good job of bringing the English and Hispanic speaking parishioners together. I think I have seen more unity between these groups on this project than any other since joining the parish. It strengthened our bond as one community.”

– Glynn Trahan, Advanced Gifts Chair

Campaign Statistics

Recommended Goal

Amount Raised

Times Annual Giving