Epiphany Lutheran Church Elmhurst, Illinois

Campaign Purpose

The Rejoice and Renew capital campaign at Epiphany was to raise funds for extensive remodeling and building on their church campus. Their members generously supported the campaign plans by exceeding their goal and raising 3.36 times their annual offering.


“Walsh & Associates placed the proper perspective on the giving process, that it is about the people and relationships, not so much on the dollar amount. Our interactions with people were successful when we listened to their thoughts, needs and desires, putting aside the ultimate pledge amount. The campaign certainly maximized the giving of our members. The model of asking for gifts in certain ranges made our congregation properly stretch the gifts God has already given us. Those ranges were great conversation starters for each household, helping them decide on a truly sacrificial gift.”
– Mark & Amy Wilson, Advance Gifts Chairs

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Goal

Amount Raised

Times Annual Giving