We’re pleased to provide you with this special, private resources page. Its special Comprehensive Report, short Videos and Tip Sheets will walk you through the best and simplest approach to searching for, screening and selecting a capital campaign consulting firm that will serve your church best.


Confidential – For Prospective Clients Only

How to Choose a Church Capital Campaign Consulting Firm that will Serve Your Church the Best

Comprehensive Report

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Breakout Videos & Tip Sheets

Ten Part Series on Video and PDF How do you choose a capital campaign consulting firm that's right for you and avoid the many common and costly mistakes that churches make in hiring firms to help them with their church capital campaigns? That's the purpose of these special tip sheets and video series which will provide you with the answer to this very important question. On video and PDF.


Quick Takes Videos

Quick answers to commonly asked questions and concerns.

Why Sending Requests for Proposals is a Waste of Time & Money
Why It’s Important to Check on Firm Availability Before Scheduling Interviews 
Why You Should Limit the Number of Firms You Interview to One or Two
Why You Should Interview No More Than Two Firms a Day
Why You Should Allow at Least an Hour and a Half for Each Interview
Why You Should Always Tell Those You Interview Who Else You’re Planning to Interview
Why Insisting to Interview the Actual Consultant Isn’t in Your Best Interest
What’s the “Just Right” Level of Support You Should Get From a Consultant
Why Having Someone on Site Each Week is a Waste of Time & Money
Why Running Your Campaign in Under Six Months Can Cost You Dearly
Why Going With What’s Seemingly Easier Isn’t Always in Your Best Interest
How to Determine Which Firm Will Provide You With the Best Return on Your Investment
Why Hiring the Lower Bidder Almost Always Costs More
Why You Should Make a Decision About Who to Hire as Soon as Possible After Your Interviews