First Presbyterian Church

Campaign Purpose

After the Covid 19 Pandemic, First Presbyterian’s family of faith was excited to be worshipping and joining together in fellowship again at their stately and historic campus. In 2016 they had completed a capital campaign. It’s purpose was to make necessary updates to their facility that provided a firm foundation for their future in many ways. Yet, despite their accomplishments, some significant challenges remained. They needed to continue to make campus improvements so their facilities would serve them better today and for many years to come.

Under Walsh & Associates direction, First Presbyterian embarked on their Gather, Equip, Serve campaign. The funds raised would enable them to implement Phase I of their plans. These included those that would Gather, Equip, and Serve their membership the most. They would redesign their most public and shared spaces to create a welcoming, accessible facility for everyone. Create a more easily identifiable, central, and accessible main entrance. Enlarge their Assembly Hall to turn it into a beautiful, indoor/outdoor fellowship space. And, they would create a more expansive, connective, multi-tiered, multi-use outdoor courtyard, repurpose underused areas into additional indoor meeting and fellowship spaces, and add an elevator to access all levels.

Church Capital Campaign Check


“We are grateful for the campaign service. Our campaign director was excellent, helpful, and inspiring.”
– Jerry Andrews, Pastor

“Walsh was very positive, knowledgable, helpful, and easy to work with.”
– Jim & Carol Beatty, Hospitality Committee

“Our campaign director was very helpful, always prepared, easy to follow, and I appreciated her support.”
– Cheryl Kosits, Prayer Committee

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Helping Churches Reach New Heights in their Capital Campaigns

Our mission is to be great stewards, to live up to the Parable of Talents and to bring out the best in those we serve. Our consistent and proven-to-be-successful approach to directing church capital campaigns helps assure this. We just work with churches, only do capital campaigns and ground them in prayer, scripture and sound stewardship teachings. Then we combine this with practical, proven-to-be-most-productive operating methods. This not only assures you of getting the best results and best return on your capital campaign investment financially, but also, that your church will grow spiritually and in community and will be more equipped and excited than ever about doing God’s will through the works of your church.

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