Church Relations Specialists

Our Church Relations Specialists make initial contact with prospective clients and maintain and develop relationships throughout the campaign planning process. They are committed to ensuring our prospective clients receive information and answers to their questions in a timely manner. In addition to contacting future clients, they nurture relationships with our current and past clients, offering assistance and support as needed.

• Kelly Ewings
Kelly joined Walsh & Associates in 2007 and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business. Her previous work experience was primarily in customer service. Kelly enjoys the unique ministry of serving our future, current, and past clients at churches all over the country.

• Anna Raichert
Anna joined Walsh and Associates in November 2019. Prior to working for Walsh Anna worked as a personal care assistant. Her father is a retired pastor so she spent many hours volunteering and working for their church, its projects, offices, and grounds. She worked in the nursery on Sunday mornings and eventually took over the children’s ministry on Tuesday evenings. Anna also served on the Church Mission Board and served on many mission trips to Juarez, Mexico.

• Sandy Weinberger
Sandy Weinberger joined Walsh and Associates in September 2007. Prior to joining Walsh and Associates, she was an Inventory Control Analyst and an Assistant to the Director of a Christian Pre-School. Over the years Sandy has volunteered at church, community, and charitable events.  At Walsh and Associates, Sandy takes pride in providing excellent service and support to our current and past clients.