Holy Family Catholic Church Lafayette, Tennessee

Campaign Purpose

For more than 10 years, the parishioners of Holy Family had been raising funds to build a permanent Catholic church for Macon County and the surrounding counties. Given the small size of the parish, only about 130 households, they were able to save $480,000 toward the projected $1.5 million needed. This is when they contracted with Walsh to assist them in their efforts. They had a terrific participation rate and raised 6.73 times their annual offertory!


“There is no way that we could have raised $451,000, which was over 6 times our annual offertory, without Walsh & Associates. As we continue our fundraising efforts, we are still hopeful of reaching our “challenge goal” of $1 million. I would highly recommend your company to others considering a church fundraising organization. ”
– Elizabeth Dudas, Campaign Assistant


Campaign Statistics

Campaign Goal

Amount Raised

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