Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Savannah, GA

Campaign Purpose

While Most Blessed Sacrament’s campus has grown and improved throughout the years since 1920, their physical plant had not undergone any major renovations since 1958. Therefore, the community showed overwhelming support for their Seeds of Change, Believe in Our Legacy campaign to construct a new Parish Center and completely renovate their school. They generously exceeded their goal and raised 5.27 times annual offertory!


“Our consultant was superb at her job, patient, kind, and held our hand through the whole process. There were times we thought we knew it all, but soon realized we didn’t. The Walsh & Associates action plan is clearly a successful method that brings successful results. I was always amazed at each step and how each part of the plan accelerated the goal potential. Well done!”
– Avis Coleman, Advanced Gifts Co-Chair

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Goal

Amount Raised

Times Annual Giving