New Hope Baptist Church Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Campaign Purpose

New Hope’s Keeping Hope Alive! campaign’s aim was to complete the renovation of their new church building. They planned to finish renovating the lower level of the church to be their gathering place first and then renovate the upper level for weekly worship. Exceeding their goal will support their additional plan of an exterior pavilion with an elevator for handicap access and to convert some of the current green space into additional parking as they can.


“After beginning a renovation project on an old existing building, our church realized that we needed to raise more funds than we had available. After praying about it and doing some research, we engaged Walsh & Associates to do a feasibility study and capital campaign. We did not know what to expect, but God had everything under control. Our consultant helped us organize our campaign fundraising effort in a very professional manner and was dedicated to helping us reach our goal. Our previous fundraising efforts were done in-house and did not have the structure that Walsh & Associates provided. As a result, this campaign was more successful.”
– Rev. Kenneth Simms, Pastor

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Goal

Amount Raised

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