St. Anne Catholic Church Richmond Hill, Georgia

Campaign Purpose

The community of St. Anne's enthusiastically supported their Faith in Action campaign. By the end, they raised over six times their annual giving. This important effort raised funds to construct a permanent worship space to continue to enhance the ministry of Christ in Richmond Hill.


“I realize that Walsh & Associates provided our consultant with the tools and materials necessary to achieve success, and commend your supporting staff for their excellent work products, cooperation, and quick response to our project needs. There are many important elements to conducting a successful campaign including planning, scheduling, computer systems, communications, video presentation, and more. Walsh & Associates was able to orchestrate these various activities such that they were completed with a high level of quality, according to the agreed to plan and schedule. I would highly recommend Walsh & Associates to any organization planning a capital campaign.” - Rick Paduszynski, Advanced Gift Chair

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Goal

Amount Raised

Times Annual Giving