St. Michael Farmington, MN

Campaign Purpose

The Cathlic Community of St. Michael responded to their Threshold to Our Future campaign by exceeding their goal. Their aim with this important effort was to increase their awareness of good stewardship and the blessings God has given them so that they could raise funds needed to reduce or eliminate their debt and ultimately address the spiritual needs of their church family. Their plan for their generous response was to reduce their debt by 70%.


“On behalf of the St. Michael's community, I want to thank Walsh & Associates for their wonderful faith filled ministry in helping us reach the goal for our debt reduction campaign. I know our campaign team and parishioners were inspired by their understanding of Christian stewardship. Our consultant was open to answer the questions and concerns of parishioners, and this helped to bring unity to a difficult third campaign in less than eight years. The Walsh presence on the campaign made it seem so easy and even fun!” - Father Dennis Thompson

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Goal

Amount Raised

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