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Fundraising Feasibility
& Planning Studies

Prior to starting a capital campaign, many churches hire us to conduct a fundraising planning study for them. This involves organizing an effort to inform all or key members of your church about your proposed project plans and inviting their feedback about the project, its main components, and other things that will affect the church campaigns’ success. It’s a smart first step that doesn’t require a lot of time or expense. Yet, a well-done study will:

  • Tell you what people want, are willing to support and to what extent;
  • Help identify key leaders and donors and give you clues about how to best motivate them and others to get more involved and give more;
  • Bring to the forefront people’s key questions and concerns if any exist.

In short, a fundraising planning study will provide a blueprint for how to best package, promote, and proceed with a campaign that will best meet your needs.