Capital Campaign Direction

We can also organize and implement your campaign. With our approach, we’ll serve as your campaign staff, as “drivers” rather than merely “advisors”, handling most of the day-to-day details and tasks associated with the capital campaign effort for you. During this time, our services include:
  • Developing campaign organization and orientation materials that provides a step-by-step plan for the campaign and all involved in it.
  • Designing and ordering needed printed and promotional materials that will reflect positively on your campaign and church.
  • Coordinating communications and cultivation activities and events that will inform and inspire people.
  • Organizing volunteer enlistment and training so no one has to do too much for too long and everyone is well versed on how to do their jobs. This will make everyone’s job easier and more enjoyable; help them to be more confident, competent, comfortable and successful; and entice more people to get involved.
  • Overseeing the gathering of gifts in the most successful ways possible.
  • Setting up a simple yet comprehensive fulfillment and follow-up system so that promises made are paid, ensuring that you reach your potential.
In short, we’ll drive and direct the entire process from start to finish, leaving less work and raising more money for you!